Configure ForeColor and Background Color of Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer allows to easily change foreground and background color. In order to change the colors of the Countdown Timer, right click on the main display area of the software and select the menu option that says Configure Display Colors.

Screenshot displaying how to change foreground and background color of Countdown Timer

The Image to the left displays the context menu with Configure Display Colors selected. Once you click on the option of changing the display colors, you will be presented with another screen that will allow you to change forecolor or text color and the background color of the countdown timer.

Screenshot displaying the Screen to change foreground and background color of Countdown Timer

To the right of this paragraph, you can see another screenshot that displays the Countdown Timer and the screen to change the color. Note that the text color and background colors can be changed in a similar manner. You can even pick the screen color to specify the text or background color. In order to pick screen color under mouse cursor, first move the focus to the appropriate button that says Color Under Cursor, now move the mouse cursor on top of the screen area whose color you wish to pick and finally press the spacebar button to click the button. Once you click the Color Under Cursor button, you will notice that the color displayed will change to the appropriate color and once you are happy with the color selection, just close the Color Changing Screen by pressing the OK button and your newly selected colors will be effective in the Countdown Timer.

In case you use Multiple Instances of Countdown Timer, each instance of Countdown Timer will remember it's color selection automatically. The Color Selection of the Countdown Timer can be useful when controlling transparency of Text Color or Background Color as well.

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