Countdown Timer Software Download

Here you can download the Countdown Timer Software and use it on your Desktop or Laptop running Windows. The Software download provided is on a free trial basis and requires you to pay a one time fee $5.00. The Fee charged for the Countdown Timer Registration helps us to maintain our servers and add more functionalities to the software.

Download Countdown Timer

Download Countdown Timer Software on your Windows Computer now. The download provided is a setup application and will require you to have admin rights on your computer to install the new software on your windows computer.

Countdown Timer Setup

Once you click on the download link above, you will be presented with a screen prompt that will ask whether you wish to download the setup, run the setup or cancel the download. Just click on Run and when the download gets completed, the setup will be launched automatically. You can alternatively save the setup file onto your computer and then run the setup at a later date / time as well.

Image displays Countdown Timer download prompt from Internet Explorer

The Setup of Countdown Timer is sort of really straightforward and requires you to just follow the prompts. During installation of Countdown Timer, you will be presented the option of creating a Desktop Shortcut and the shortcut will be created in the programs menu as well.

Installation Setup wizard of Countdown Timer

Once the Countdown Timer is done with installing the software on your desktop or laptop computer, you will be able to run single or multiple instances of the Countdown Timer from the shortcut on Desktop or from the Programs Menu. The Setup of Countdown Timer does not adds anything to the startup and hence the software application will not open up automatically when you start the computer next time.

In case you would like to Uninstall the Countdown Timer from your computer, just open up the Control Panel and navigate to Add / Remove Programs or Programs and Features option. Find the Countdown Timer and uninstall it, also make sure that the Countdown Timer is not running on your computer when you are doing the uninstallation.

Just remember that you can write to us to get new features added to the Countdown Timer or even get the current features of the software tweaked as per your requirements. We do try our best to get as many features to the software as we can. You valuable suggestion can get you what you want and we get a new feature and inturn we provide you the software update for free. This way the Countdown Timer works as you want it to work and we get new features added and keep all our customers happy.

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