Countdown Timer Screenshots

A Picture can say more than 1000 words and hence, we present here various screenshots of Countdown Timer to quickly tell you about various features of the Countdown Timer. We are still adding new features to the software and hence there are good chances that when you download this Countdown Timer on your own windows pc and run it, you might find many other features in the software. All the screenshots of Countdown Timer below have tooltip feature enabled, so if you move your mouse cursor on any of the screenshots below, a small tooltip window will appear and will tell you about that particular screenshot of Countdown Timer.

Screenshot image of Countdown Timer on Windows Desktop Countdown Timer with transparent text and no title bar running a StopWatch
Countdown Timer simulating Date / Time Display of UK The Image displays a demo of Transparency Settings in Countdown Timer using 2 instances of Countdown Timer running on Windows Desktop
Configure Stopwatch for running instance of Countdown timer Square Stopwatch in Countdown timer
Clock displaying custom time in Countdown Timer

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