Transparency in Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer's main interface can be made transparent in a selective manner. By default the Countdown Timer's interface is opaque and you can right click anywhere on the display area of the software to invoke a menu from which you can customize various features of the software.

Image displaying Transparency Settings of Countdown Timer

Transparent Countdown Timer

As displayed in the figure to the right, the Countdown Timer allows to configure 3 different types of transparency Settings. Rest of this document will provide more information in transparency settings and will try to cover all that is relative to this specific setting in Countdown Timer.

Quick way to open up Transparency Settings using content menu of Countdown Timer

Control OverAll Transparency of Countdown Timer

Note the Slider at the top of the Transparency Settings screen. This Slider can be used to control overall transparency of the Countdown Timer. The Transparency controlling Slider has in all around 255 different steps. In order to start with, just move the slider a little bit to the left and click on OK. You will notice that the complete Countdown Timer's interface will become a little bit transparent.

Also Note that by default there is no CheckBox in the Context Menu on the Transparency Menu Option. Once you specify any of the Transparency Settings, a checkbox will appear next to the Transparency Menu option signifying that transparency settings are effective.

Transparent Text or Background of Countdown Timer

Note 3 Radio Buttons at the bottom of the Transparency Dialog. These Radio Buttons can be used to selectively make transparent text color or background color. In case you opt to make the background color of Countdown Timer as transparent, the right click menu will be invoked only when you right click on some text displayed in the Countdown timer. Any click on transparent part of the software will actually send the click to the application under the display area of the Countdown Timer.

How the Countdown Timer can be made to Look

As outlined above, there are 3 different types of transparency settings allowing to control transparency of the Countdown Timer. Have a look at given below pictures displaying Countdown Timer in available settings. Hover your mouse cursor in the image to know more about that particular example image of the Countdown Timer. The Countdown Timer allows you to change text and background color using the Color Selection option. The Color change can be useful to remove colorful corners of the text displayed in the Countdown Timer when you wish to display the Countdown timer with background color as transparent

Countdown Timer without any transparency settings Countdown Timer with transparency settings making complete Countdown timer interface as transparent
Forecolor of the Countdown Timer is made transparent Countdown Timer with Background Color made transparent

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